Happy vs. Happier

I have learned. When if ask a person struggling with depression, “Would you like to be happy?”, I am usually met with a long list of reasons why they cannot be happy. However, when I ask a person struggling with depression, “Would you like to be happier?” the answer is usually “yes”.
When I ask a happy person “Would you like to be happy?”, I usually get a cheerful “No thanks. I’ve got that covered.” But, again, when I ask the happy person, “Would you like to be happier?”, like the person struggling with depression, they usually answer “yes”.
Happiness is not a destination. This is one of the myths of happiness: to believe that if we hone just the right key, the tumblers of life will fall into place and we will arrive at the elusive place called Happiness and will, of course, live “Happily ever after”.
It takes mindfulness and effort in the right areas.
The good news and bad news about Happiness is that most people are looking for Happiness in the wrong places. Even when they do get a taste of it, Happiness quickly fades. Why? The answers are taught in Happiness 101. I teach scientifically proven methods. The answer is a resounding “YES! YOU CAN BE HAPPIER”. Join us. 7pm Mondays. The class is free. You have nothing to lose but your frown.
Frank Clayton
Licensed Professional Counselor

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