Happiness Church

(not religious)

Saturdays, June 6th to June 27th, 12-2pm

When: AltVR

The Coronavirus gave me the opportunity to teach Happiness 101 using Zoom.  It was wildly successful and amazing to watch people become happier DURING this crisis.  I have always wanted to reach people who are difficult to reach – such as people living in the rural areas.  So, I am going to start facilitating a series of classes online:  Berkeley’s The Science of Happiness, Yale’s The Science of Well-Being and the United Kingdom’s Action For Happiness class, Exploring What Matters and my own Happiness 101 course.  The first in this series is Gary van Wamerdam’s Self-Mastery Course – or what I like to call Happiness Church.  All of these classes are free.  They will be held on www.altvr.com

Gary van Warmerdam offers a free four week self mastery class. We will watch the videos and listen to the podcast together followed by questions and answers. As a mental health professional, I have been teaching classes about Happiness for over a decade. Gary presents the same concepts but in a completely different way. Every time I listen to one of his podcasts, I feel like I’m in Happiness Church (thus the name). Gary learned directly from Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. It is highly recommended that you go to Gary’s website www.pathwaytohappiness.com and sign up for the self-mastery class and follow along with us, but this is NOT a requirement nor a prerequisite.  Happiness Church will be held in altvr.com  The specific link to the Happiness Church event is: https://account.altvr.com/events/1474297208416239648

Happiness Church and other Happiness related events will be held in Altvr.com  It is a fun, amazing and cutting-edge way to gather together online.  There are many events available in altvr: classes (learn Japanese), gatherings (like alcoholics anonymous), parties, entertainment (comedy clubs, live music), interactive talk shows games (You Don’t Know Jack) and even church!  When you go to altvr.com, click on signup then fill in the information then hit create account.  On the next screen click on “Get altspacevr”.  Assuming you will be using your computer, scroll to the bottom and click on “2D” OR you can scroll to the bottom of that page and download it from the Windows Store or from Steam.  You WILL need a good computer with a good internet connection.  No, you cannot use your phone or tablet for altvr.  Once you’ve downloaded and entered altvr, you will automatically be given an online character (an avatar).  You can customize your avatar or you can just leave it as is.  Then you will be transported to your apartment.  Feel free to look around.  You can use your arrow keys to look around and move. Also use your mouse. Experiment.  Have fun!  We highly recommend that you explore altvr before attending an event.  Speaking of events!  This is one of the most enjoyable parts of altvr.  To explore events, click on the big blue dot that hovers around in your field of vision.  Check out “events”.  Also check out “discover” for other events but check out AltSpaceVR Info Zone (under Featured Hub Spaces).  Altvr is a great way to make new friends and be able to interact with others while maintaining social distancing.