Saturdays 10am-12pm

September 23 to November 18, 2023

Happiness 101 is an uplifting eight week class where you will learn HOW to be happy, meet like-minded people and learn to break unhappy habits. Most people believe the myths of Happiness and therefore spend a great deal of energy chasing it, only to end up frustrated and disappointed. Scientific research has now revealed the things that actually bring us Happiness. Even better: you can start being Happier NOW. Topics covered:

  • How to Turn PTSD into Post Traumatic GROWTH
  • The Myths of Happiness
  • The Happiness Setpoint
  • Why You Are Not Happy
  • What Happiness Is (and is not)
  • How and Why You Sabotage Your Happiness
  • Thinking Errors
  • Happiness Habits
  • The Paradox of Choice
  • The Hows of Happiness
  • Also: how exercise, sleep, social connection, money, beauty, the self-help movement, fame, the brain, American culture, religion, marriage, anti-depressants, anxiety, smiling and meditation relate to Happiness

This class WILL change your life!  There are only 12 slots available.  Apply by emailing me at  Tell me why you want to take the class and how you hope it will change your life.  The more information, the better.

Important information you should know:

Again, there are only 12 slots available.

Potential students will be interviewed.

There is a $60 deposit.  If you attend at least six of the eight classes, you will receive your deposit back on the last day of class.  If you cannot afford the $60, apply anyway.  We’ll try to accommodate you.

Required text:  The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

You can expect at least two hours of homework per week

You will be asked to take self-assessment tests weekly to track your progress.

You will be asked to team up with one or two Happiness Buddies.

The location will only be revealed to those accepted into the class.

Testimonials from Happiness 101

“I LOVED this class! I took it to help my daughter (which it did help her a ton).. Not really expecting to benefit much from the class myself. I consider myself a pretty happy person… But I was amazed by how much I learned and the positive change in my life daily. Frank taught me how to use the tools best suited for me to be happy. I was surprised how much information was scientifically backed up! Great books.. Great videos.. Wonderful class!”

“This class is amazing. I truly feel it has changed my life for the better. It gave me the tools I needed to become stronger and happier. Frank Clayton is a great teacher. The information you receive in this class is gold. Depression is so prevalent in our society today. I really feel if everyone knew what Frank taught in Happiness 101 that depression rates would drastically reduce. Please if you struggle with Happiness – TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!!!”

” I highly recommend this FREE Happiness 101 course to everyone who is interested in positive psychology and the science of happiness!! Frank Clayton is smart, caring, funny, and passionate about this topic. You will learn a lot about yourself and make some wonderful new friends in the process. He bases the coursework on some of the work of the most respected authors in the field.”

“Yes I took the class in 2014 and have a true testimony that it helped me be a happier person. Frank is an excellent teacher and it’s worth while showing up every week and gaining knowledge. I worked out of town every week but found time on Saturday to attend the class. He does ask that you do some home work. But it is well worth it and will help you be a happier person. Hopefully you will be one of the people he interviews and invite to his class. With your own golden ticket. Well have fun and may you be happy in your endeavors.”

“Happiness 101 is an opportunity to change pathways in life. Using the research-based strategies taught in the course, you can emerge into a world of love, healing, and possibility. I teach these principles to graduate students and call them by their therapeutic and psychological labels, “constructivist techniques” and “positive psychology.” It is the best technology we have for helping people live meaningful lives.” (a PHd psychologist)

“Happiness 101 is an excellent class which helped me a lot to change my life for better. From being depressed, sad and isolated I became happy person, enjoying life, thinking and looking into the future in positive way and being able to deal with the problems. Frank is a great teacher who presents science of happiness in a very friendly and interesting way. If you want to improve quality of your life, gain some significant knowledge and learn some technics from positive psychology this class is definitely for you. I could recommend it to everybody.”

“I took Frank’s Happiness 101 class last year. I think what I liked most about the class was that the information was based on scientific evidence. I had always assumed that there wasn’t much I could do about my severe depression (apart from trying numerous medications) but, armed with the knowledge from the class, I was able to significantly reduce my symptoms. Several tests are taken before the class starts then each week to check each student’s progress. I went from being severely depressed to mildly depressed. I have continued to apply what I learned to continue improving my mood.”

“It will change your life if you let it and are committed. You have to be open to change and willing do the work. It is an every day process for the rest of your life but was worth the effort and continues to be for me. Forever grateful I took this class a few years ago.”

“Happiness 101 gives you some great tools to find your own inner peace. I loved the questionnaire identifying my personal happiness behaviors, and the daily “positives” that I can now find in the worst of days. Reading the “positive” notes I put in my happiness jar all year will be the highlight of New Year’s Day.”

“A few years ago I took this amazing class, Frank is an incredible person, the best in teaching so many things that will forever change your life. He brought so much knowledge, tools, coping skills, and above all how to be happy and positive! I am so thankful for taking that jump and joining this class. Many of my family members, friends and loved ones noticed a huge change in how much I had changed for the better in my outlook on life and how I feel about myself. Change is not always a bad thing as I have learned.. I am grateful for all the information I had taken in from this class and so very grateful that there is truly someone out there that truly cares about people!” J.J.

“I was completely hopeless and wanted to die. I had tried to lose weight for 3 years and could not. I lost most friendships, faith, joy. Now I am happy much more than sad or depressed, feel grateful for so many things in my life and that a lot of other people have more problems than I do. I do not have anxiety any more. I sleep better. I have more energy and have lost 16 lbs. I smile more, I have made friendships, look for happiness every day online, in books, in other people. I am not afraid to share with people. I am more mindful of the moment, mindful of breathing and being still to let positive thoughts in my mind and I have fewer negative thoughts. I am appreciating and loving myself more. I have learned to set goals and not be afraid to share and have hope for a better life and a better future.”

“Took this class in 2012 and it forever changed my life for the better. Really makes you take a long look at yourself and the ways in which we create our own suffering, the ways we exacerbate it, the ways we perpetuate it, and more importantly, how we can change it. Frank shows that happiness is a state of mind, an energy that we can summon, nuture and grow, and he provides tools that I continue to use to this very day. Whenever I feel some nasty, icky, negative energy beginning to manifest in my head, I just reach into my toolbox and give myself a happiness boost.”

“Carve out a slice of your life for this class – you’re worth it! Frank will set you up with the resources you need to shift your perspective – you’ll start to filter the world through a happy, hopeful heart full of gratitude. And you’ll make some great friends, too!”

“Before coming to class I thought I would never be happy as long as my life remained the way it was. Now I know that I am in control of my happiness through all circumstances. It is such an empowering feeling.”

“The knowledge I have now gets me excited to move forward with a clear mind and I am ready to see what the future has in store for me. I am ready to break free of all negative thoughts and bad thinking errors and have fun adventures in my future.”

“{The] Self Esteem [portion of the class] was a HUGE eye opener for me and one of those moments in life where it is a light bulb moment. // All these years I have been looking for ways or words to justify who I am and what makes me [me]. I no longer need to do that because I am [me] and I am OK.”

“Since starting this class I’ve learned so much about myself and how I can become happier. I’ve stopped going to [] counselling because I haven’t been as depressed as I was before I started this class. I’ve been happier lately then I can ever remember being before.”

“This class has helped me to be significantly more positive. When I started, I was extremely depressed and now I feel much better. I still have times I’m down but but feel better equipped to rebound and see the positive. I can see how the class made me an active participant in my own happiness.”
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Happiness 101 helped set me in motion on a personal journey to change my life. My perspectives are changing from “the cup is half empty” to the “cup is half full” and I am implementing the strategies I’ve learned in class. Even from Day One, the 5 positives journal (“home opportunity”) was assigned/suggested so that there was ACTION from the get-go to help me overcome the inertia of years of negativity. Happiness 101 has empowered me to shape my destiny. Frank is knowledgeable, inspiring, motivating and lots of fun.”

“This has changed my life. I am more positive doing twice the work I was doing more effectively. I’m a better mom. My daughter is happier. I choose to be happy every day. I have told many people about the home opportunities and that has affected them for the positive. I got a raise because I felt like I deserved one and had the confidence to ask for one. I see more beauty in life. I hear the birds. I see and enjoy the sunsets more. I talk to my friends more. I don’t take on others negative energy. I sing more. I definitely smile more.” Back to Top

“I am really a happy person and I was losing my best attribute. Happiness 101 showed me how to never let my happiness go away. Just battle the bad things with a positive attitude. Smile and make people around you smile too!”

“I know my journey has just begun and that is the best part! Frank is an example of taking life to the next level, so there is no excuse for me not to try and succeed as well since he has shared his “happiness secrets”. “Frank Clayton is an exceptionally good instructor. Never boring, has anecdotes ready for almost any situation. He is extremely knowledgeable about this subject and can entertain as well as he educates. Grade = 4.0″ “Frank is the best!! Very knowledgeable about the science and dynamics of Happiness. He is a treasure chest full of booty (knowledge). I am glad he is here in Salt Lake City.”

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“I can make a choice to be happy. My thoughts, beliefs and behaviors are in my control. Using the tools from class I can apply specific strategies that will help me be happier, more forgiving, grateful, hopeful, etc. – generally positive.” “The class was a “First Step” for me. It really opened my mind to ideas that I would never have thought of.” “When I’m happier, I affect everyone around me and they become happier.” “Your perception must be changed so you can begin seeing the good in your life, not just the crap.” “That things are never as bad as I create them to be! I have choices of how I live and change my life. How truly blessed I am.” “You are the only person that can make the decision to be happy.” “Generating my own happiness. How to care for myself. Be more mindful. Valuing myself and others.” “Happiness is a choice. There are many ways to help improve your level of happiness and they really don’t take much effort.”

“The tools offered in this class helped turn my thoughts around to create a more positive life. If you are really ready to create happiness in your life, this is a good path to help you get there.”

“This class is well worth your time. I learned so much and definitely became happier in the process. Frank has so much valuable information to share, take advantage of it if you can.”

“If you would like not only be truly happy, but to understand how happiness works, take this class. It will change your life.”

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