Happiness 101: New Semester

happy facePop Quiz:
Are you happier at work or at home?
What IS happiness?
True or False: People are either born happy or they’re not
How many times a day does the average person complain?
How many negative thoughts does the average person have per day?
What would truly make you happy?

Studies have shown over and over that people are poor at predicting what will REALLY make them Happy. For instance, most people say they would rather be at home than at work and look forward to the weekend. However, studies have shown that in actuality people are happier at work because they are being productive where at home they just watch TV. So, when tested they discovered they are actually happier at work!

Many people feel that they should be happier than they are and on some level think that happy people were just naturally born that way and they must just be missing the magic gene, thereby preventing them from being happy. While there is a natural Happiness Setpoint and some people ARE naturally predisposed to be happy, happiness truly depends on ones attitude, thoughts and behaviors. In other words, your happiness is in YOUR hands. For example, the average person has 45,000 negatie thoughts per day and complains 70 times per day! When something is being done that often, it is a HABIT. Becoming aware of and changing these unhappy habits is crucial to becoming happier.

In Happiness 101 we address these negative habits and work together to replace them with habits that will improve your life and TRULY help you to be happier. Many people believe it is the big milestones in life that will make them happy: hitting the lottery, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right or getting their dream job or promotion. It is actually the little day-to-day things that bring true happiness.

A professor at Harvard taught a class about Happiness. It turned out to be THE largest class ever attended in its history. You need not relocate to Harvard to learn about it. Happiness 101 is right here in Salt Lake City and the class is FREE! Join us on Monday, November 2nd at 7pm at my office: 220 East 3900 South #7, Salt Lake City. For recorded information call 801-262-0317 You have nothing to lose but your frown.

Frank Clayton
Licensed Professional Counselor

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