Happiness 101: New Material, New Night, New Semester

Happiness 101 moves to Mondays

Happy thumbs upThe largest class ever attended at Harvard is the class about Happiness. Here in Salt Lake City, Happiness 101 is currently being offered FREE of charge! This will be the last semester the class will be free. To accommodate your schedule, we have moved the class to Mondays at 7pm. As the teacher of Happiness 101, I continue to research and learn that I may bring you the latest and keep the material fresh. Subsequently, the class will use new scientifically proven and research based methods, sure to attract both new and recurrent students alike.

If you have ever been curious about the class, NOW IS THE TIME to jump in! The class is a great learning opportunity and a support for happy people as well as an extension of hope and real-world, ready-to-use methods that can have immediate results for those suffering from depression. We have a great group of students. On average, seven people attend the class each week and we have consistently had least one new person join us each week. You deserve to be happy. Join us.

Happiness 101 will be conducted at my office on Monday, November 2nd, 7pm. The address is 220 East 3900 South #7, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107. You may stay current with the list of upcoming events here by clicking on “Upcoming Events” or join us on Facebook by using the search feature for “Happiness 101”. For up-to-date recorded information you may call 801-262-0317

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