What does Heaven look like on a Daily Basis – Part III

Is there work in Heaven?
“Work” has been made into a four-letter word by many, but has work gotten a bad rap primarily because most people who work have a “job”. In his book Happier, Tal Ben-Shahar differentiates between a job, a career and calling. A job is something you do simply to pay the bills. Most people dread going to their job because it lacks pleasure and meaning. A career is definately more pleasurable than a job but the underlying motivation, purports Ben-Shahar, is extrinsic rather than internally motivated; focusing on promotions, money, power and/or prestiege. A calling, however, is something one does because they love doing it – it is intrinically driven.
Returning the question, is there work in heaven? If so, what kind of work would you do in heaven?
NOW: Why are you not doing that work now?

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