Positive: To-Do’s, Ta-Done. Ta-dah!

I have a significant list of to-do’s. I even have them categorized: things to do today, things to this week, things to do someday, scheduled to-do’s and so on. Kudos to Outlook for helping me to keep my life straight. Anyway, as part of the ultimate task of sculpting my life, I have set about hacking, whacking, working and weeding to get these lists down to a manageable size. Chiefly this has been done with persistence and perseverance – NOT trying to do it all at once. Well, it’s taken over three months of sculpting but I bore down so deeply into these to-do’s today, I swore I heard an audible thud when I struck bottom – the sound of shovel against treasure chest. Inside lay the most priceless of gems, peace.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

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