Help Find Shae Maddox

Help find Shae Maddox

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I think one of the greatest uses of the internet is to help spread information quickly. There is a missing girl named Shae Maddox. She may be in the Salt Lake City area. Please click on this link ( ) to help find her. I will post the flyer on my office window, pass them out to students of Happiness 101 and hand them out to fellow business owners. I think handing them out to cab drivers and pizza delivery people would be ideal. There is also a Facebook Group dedicated. Join us and help us spread the word.


3 thoughts on “Help Find Shae Maddox

  • Kari M

    Frank, I cannot thank you enough for joining the group, and for using this forum to get the word out about Shae. Thank you, so very much.

  • Frank Clayton

    As of December 1st, Shae was found – SAFE!! Thank you for all your help in spreading the word.

  • Kas

    We are so glad to he3ar Shae was found and safe.

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