Highlights from 2010

I wrote these as positives yesterday, but then it seemed appropriate to share it here too:

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The Happiness 101 Sky Dive. I already recounted the entire story here on the site. Click here to read it.

Snowball Fight. Getting gangedup on in a snowball fight. I wasn’t wearing a coat or even SHOES!! Leading the way was my daughter quickly followed by my wife and my daughter’s friend. Cheering them on (and videotaping) was my mother-in-law. I wish I could share the video but they made me promise to never go public with it.

Shae is Safe
Finding Shae Maddox. When I look back over the year, when my heart was really full and re-filled for days afterward was when I got the news that Shae Maddox had been found safe. She had run away and was missing for weeks. I was so happy for her mother. So much so that it made my list of highlights for 2010. You’ll probably remember her picture. Celebrate with me that Shae is safe. Here is a link to the post that I put here on the site.

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Speaking at ARUP Laboratories. I love talking about the subject of Happiness and in June I had the opportunity to give a one hour talk at ARUP Laboratories. In it, I just hit the highlights of topics covered in Happiness 101 (a six week course). You’re welcome to view the video series. Click here to watch them.

My wife. We celebrated our 21st anniversary this year. It’s definitely been a year of growth for both of us as individuals. Fortunately, we are very good at keeping our finger on the pulse of our relationship. We adapt and grow together. I am so blessed to be her husband.

HAPPY New Year


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