Positives for December 31, 2010 / Highlights from 2010

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Positive #1: The Happiness 101 Sky Dive. I already told the entire story here on the site. Click here to read it.

Positive #2: Snowball Fight. I got ganged up on in a snowball fight. I wasn’t wearing a coat or even SHOES!! Leading the way was my daughter quickly followed by my wife & my daughter’s friend. My mother-in-law was cheering them on (and videotaping). I would like to share the video but they made me promise to never go public with it.

Shae is Safe

Positive #3: Finding Shae Maddox. When I look back over the year, and think of when my heart was really full and re-filled for days afterward, it was when I got the news that Shae Maddox had been found safe. She had run away and was missing for weeks. I felt so happy for her mother. It was a great moment for me in 2010. You may remember her from her picture. Celebrate with me that Shae is safe. Click here to link to the post that I put here on the site.

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Positive #4: Speaking at ARUP Laboratories. I love talking about Happiness and in June I had the opportunity to give an hour talk at ARUP Laboratories. In it, I covered the highlights of Happiness 101 (it is a six week course). You’re welcome to view the video series. Click here to watch them.

Positive #5: My wife. We celebrated our 21st anniversary in September. 2010 has definitely been a year of growth for us as individuals. Fortunately, we are very good ensuring that when we grow, we grow together. I am so blessed to be her husband.


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