Positive: Personal Relevance

Originally posted September 20th, 2010
As you know, I have been writing my positives here, on Facebook, YouTube and Meetup.com, but last night I read something changed my viewpoint of positives: personal relevance. In the passage, it challenged me to looked at the relatedness of things. Specifically between the paper page I was looking at – and a cloud in the sky. Are they in any way relevant? Yes! Without the cloud, the rain would not fall. If the rain does not fall, the tree cannot grow. If there are no trees, we cannot make new paper. ‘Kind of a “positive” version of the game “Six degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon”. I have been able to find the positive in everything from lint to 9/11 but somehow it really does feel more personal now. Imagine how much stronger the relevance is with people! I have SO much to say about the relevance between people, I think I will save it for a separate blog.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

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