Positives for December 26, 2010

Positive #1: Bought drapes for my office. I have wanted to do this for MONTHS. The after Christmas sale allowed me to buy over $600 worth of drapes for less than $300. Falalalala, la la la la 😉 (shared on my Facebook page)

Positive #2: The new semester of Happiness 101 (beginning January 12th) is filling up fast. I love to see the class taking shape. If everyone who has expressed interest confirmed, the class would be full. If you’re interested in getting in, I suggest you get your application in SOON. (shared on the Facebook Happiness 101 Fan Page)

Positive #3: ‘Glad we made it home in one piece. Roads were very slick – even for my wife, who is very good at driving in icy conditions. ‘Didn’t see a single accident. Yea!! (Shared via YouTube account-HappyTherapist)

Positive #4: KSL has a great website where you can not only get the news but they have a great classified and list of upcoming events. I plan on advertising Happiness 101’s next semester there – even though there are only a couple of slots open. (Shared via MeetUp.com)

Positive #5: Epson Printer. ‘Got a little $30 Epson printer at Sam’s club. $30! That’s less than some ink cartridges! (Shared via my Twitter account)

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