I didn’t write positives yesterday cause it seemed like so much work to think of something good when I had a blah day so today I read this and it will be my positive
Positive 1 I like the “little” things so they should count
Each day, take note of three positive things that happened, suggests Amita Patel, a health and happiness coach and founder of Aligned Holistics. And don’t discount the “little” wins, such as getting to work on time or making it to the gym. Not only will these wins help you reframe your days in a more positive light, it will also give you encouragement to keep that positive momentum going whenever a bad day arises. Along with highlighting the wins, don’t carry any negativity into the next day. “Surrender whatever happened that day with the knowledge that tomorrow is a fresh start,” she says.
Positive 2
I got a great deal for a bus trip to wendover Even though I am not a gambler the food and drinks and just to get away for a concert or just walk around with friends will be something to look forward to .
Positive 3
Got my w2 on line. It sure made it easy to have access to it

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