Positive #3: Manuel’s Wedding Reception

My wife and I attended a wonderful wedding reception at the south tower of the Rice Eccles Stadium. What a party! Belly dancers, salsa dancers and a DJ that got everyone on the dance floor. I forgot how wonderful it is to dance! No one was left out. Before it was over, everyone was dancing. The great part of it was, that people were not really paired off with anyone – everyone seemed to be dancing with everyone. The last song is one of my absolute favorite dance songs. In fact, I have occasionally played it and had students of Happiness 101 dance to it. The song is “Shout!” (by the Isley Brothers). There are so many wonderful, positive things involved in dancing – especially if it is to positive music! Dancing involves movement (exercise), connection with others and singing (to positive lyrics). Whenever I think back to this wedding reception, my heart will be filled with happiness.

Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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