I am grateful for cat trees because they make my cat VERY happy!  He enjoys climbing from level to level, playing with the dangling mouse, peeking out from behind its posts and (most importantly) scratching on it!  This keeps my new furniture scratch free.  It’s also tall enough that on the top-most tier, my cat is eye-to-eye with me.  He seems to really enjoy that, patting me on the top of the head with his paw.  Oh!  I also like the color of it – ‘just seems to match with color scheme of the house.

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I really like fog.  There is something mysterious about it.  I usually associate it with cooler weather conditions, often in the morning.  I make the ordinary look cool.  It also makes a great movie effect, adding just the right mood – from the romantic to the spooky.  I don’t know why, but I also associate fog with lazy days.  ‘Love those.

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I appreciate emotional pain because first of all, it let’s me know that I’m alive.  It is also the greatest natural motivator for change.  When one is in a significant amount of emotional pain, they are HIGHLY motivated to do something to get out of that emotional pain – even if it means being uncomfortable.  I also appreciate emotional pain because it gives my life contrast.  Using the analogy of weather, if every day were sunny, then it might become easy to take it for granted.  The stormy days help me to appreciate the sunny days all the more.

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Mary Ellen, from Genesis Books has been one of Happiness 101‘s greatest supporters and sponsors.  She was always caring, patient and knowledgeable.  She has left a tremendous legacy to Salt Lake City. Genesis Books is one of the greatest sources of 12-step material in the valley.  They have also sponsored many 12-step meetings over the years.  Genesis Books is a haven for those struggling with addiction.  RIP Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen Durham

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Positive 1
all the trouble to find something for the wedding and I settled for mostly what I had at least I can take things back since I decided to wear what I had
Positive 2
Fun appts today with a mfg rep and my clients got tons of goodies
Positive 3
Had a different teacher at zumba it is kinda fun to do someone else class once in a while.
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