Positive #1: Friday the 13th.

I enjoy using Friday the 13th as an excuse to go out of my way to look for GOOD luck. After all, just by our awareness of the bad reputation of FT13 we will automatically be more watchful for bad luck. Hey, call me a rebel. So ‘here goes: my car started (was acting up) and was able to milk it to the garage. I had the good fortune to find the water jug I was looking for. I was blessed to spend and hour with my 3 year old God daughter. Unlike every other day this week TODAY all clients showed up for their appointments. I heard from my daughter. A store employee asked me if I needed help right at the time I needed it. My office manager went out of her way to help me. I heard one of my favorite songs today. Please share YOUR Friday the 13th Good Luck story 🙂

Frank Clayton LPC

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