{drawing and looking on the bright side} 1/25/16

Positive #1;

i have been drawing pretty frequently it also is amazing the two people in my life who inspired me to draw my older brother and my cousin i was able to inspire them to draw more and find a lot of different ways to draw it makes me feel good to see i actually effect people in my life.


i’m hoping by the end of today  i will have my who!! shot first t-shirt design edited and hopefully finished by the end of the day and have it started being made so i can get it sooner then later then maybe sell some on the side.


i have had a horrible day so far i had to push through my job that i love and push my self today to look at the good side of being single for almost the sum of two years sense my dream reminded me what its like to get a hug from some one who loves you for you i’m just happy i can feel that warmth again sometime in the future

Colten [a.k.a zero152]

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