{got closer with friends, my loving family and bad situation turned somewhat good} (2/10/16)

positive #1,

my friends and i grew way closer we got to understand each other more than ever i must admit i like having friends who are will to help and understand my problems and feelings and not letting me do stupid crap anymore i feel blessed that they trust me although we have never met but with just are voices we have learned to tell when someone is angry, sad, or happy

positive #2,

with every day my back is in more pain from the fatty lumps in my back pushing on my spine and muscles and nerves my brothers are willing to help me clean and rearrange my room sense when i tried to lift a thirty pounds and i was in tears i feel so happy i have amazing brothers it makes my embarrassment of asking feel ok


i have been having trouble moving with my back but my eight year old German Shepard helps me up and move around and cook and work i love my buddy dog so much for helping me he is so amazing and sweet

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