Positive 1
My happiness buddy Carolyn Molyneux Bradshaw has a new website and new store check it out https://and-sew-on-biz.myshopify.com/
Positive 2
big yummy vegetable salad for lunch , at lest I can get full
Positive 3
I have a small trip planned in the late spring ! After 2 years of talking about this with my friend I finally said if we keep what ifing this we will never go to Oregon so we made reservations right then, non refundable ones,
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positive #1,

my friends and i grew way closer we got to understand each other more than ever i must admit i like having friends who are will to help and understand my problems and feelings and not letting me do stupid crap anymore i feel blessed that they trust me although we have never met but with just are voices we have learned to tell when someone is angry, sad, or happy

positive #2,

with every day my back is in more pain from the fatty lumps in my back pushing on my spine and muscles and nerves my brothers are willing to help me clean and rearrange my room sense when i tried to lift a thirty pounds and i was in tears i feel so happy i have amazing brothers it makes my embarrassment of asking feel ok


i have been having trouble moving with my back but my eight year old German Shepard helps me up and move around and cook and work i love my buddy dog so much for helping me he is so amazing and sweet

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positive #1;

i drew for many hours sense midnight and finished projects i just never finished, my right arm is in so much pain but i personally dont mind the pain sense im proud i drew for five hours which it has been a while sense i did a drawing session like that so glad to be back in the flow

positive #2;

my mother got this amazing honey from one of are neighbors it is the best honey i have ever had it was so good on toast, chicken, etc. im so glad there is honey like this close by. im probably going to stock up on it so i always have some on hand

positives #3;

well my best friend and i are going to comic con  in September no we just have to figure out are costumes im so excited to go and find the best materials for the costume its going to be sweet.

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-positive 1,

so i woke up way late in the day to day so nice just to sleep, and relax. I really needed that sleep after how busy i have been now i feel like today will be easier

-positive 2,

i finally started drawing today i feel so much better having the pen and the paper back in my hands. it’s so relaxing and i really enjoy i can finally feel good whale drawing

-positive 3,

my friends messaged me about our Facebook group and now we have a lot of people wanting to join. Now we will almost always have people to play and hangout with it has been nice setting that up for us so we can talk, joke around, challenge, and over all have a fun time



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Positive 1
Finished my movies . They were great. Sometimes marathon movie watching is fun !
Positive 2
Talked to many friends this weekend that I don’t usually talk to . It was great to catch up .
Positive 3
All set for the big storm and glad I did my monday visits last friday so I can work from home if I need to.

By: Kathie

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