Great sleep, gratitude and mountains

Positive 1

Last night  I only slept 5 hours  but it was such great sleep  that I felt like it was 10 hours . I felt so rested when I woke up , it was amazing.

Positive 2

One of my daily rah rahs said “What would happen if you had everything you wanted today? ” And I thought but I do, my life is complete at this moment everything else is just gravy. I then  silently  listed many things  in my life I feel grateful for ,from my home to my dog ,the ability to be able to work  etc etc . I was humbled by the gratitude which hopefully whatever my circumstance will always be enough.

Positive 3

Gosh I had an appointment up on the east side and those mountains are so powerful when you get close.  I enjoy the feeling of awe when I get close to them. I feel so small yet so safe and protected when I am near the mountains.

By: Kathie

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