Happiness 101 Still Free? Yes and no. Yes and no.

Is Happiness 101 still FREE?  Yes and no.  Yes and no.

First, I want to thank you for all your support over the years.  As of this month, I have taught Happiness 101 off and on for EIGHT years!!  I have always insisted on keeping it free*.  It never seemed fair to me that a class that offers the very keys of Happiness should be held back from those who cannot afford it.  If I were charging the what my time is worth, the class would cost over $2,000.  Obviously, most people would not be able to afford that. So, I will keep Happiness 101 free – HALF of the time.  You see, I have discovered over the years that many people really WANT to pay for the class.  They do not feel good about not paying for it.  Therefore, every other class will be free*.  The classes in between will be paid classes. Students will pay $100.  The deposit in the free classes is also going up from $60 to $100.  So, this upcoming free class, beginning April 22nd, will be the last class in which students will only have to pay a $60 deposit.  Just to clarify: if a potential student is so stricken by poverty that they cannot afford the deposit, I have special arrangement to offer.  I will not leave anyone behind.  

We have had over three dozen people express interest in taking this Happiness 101 class.  But it is not on a first come, first serve basis. There are a number of factors in who gets chosen for the class.  A big one is readiness for change.  Are YOU ready for a change?  Are YOU ready for a Happier life?  Then    There IS still time to enroll in the April 22nd class but you must get in your application no later than Saturday, April 8th and 9pm.  To apply,  click here for more information.

* There is a $60 deposit.  If the student attends at least six of the eight classes, they get their deposit back at the end of class.  If the student cannot afford the deposit, arrangements can still be made.  E-mail Frank for more information.

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