Is Happiness 101 still FREE?  Yes and no.  Yes and no.

First, I want to thank you for all your support over the years.  As of this month, I have taught Happiness 101 off and on for EIGHT years!!  I have always insisted on keeping it free*.  It never seemed fair to me that a class that offers the very keys of Happiness should be held back from those who cannot afford it.  If I were charging the what my time is worth, the class would cost over $2,000.  Obviously, most people would not be able to afford that. So, I will keep Happiness 101 free – HALF of the time.  You see, I have discovered over the years that many people really WANT to pay for the class.  They do not feel good about not paying for it.  Therefore, every other class will be free*.  The classes in between will be paid classes. Students will pay $100.  The deposit in the free classes is also going up from $60 to $100.  So, this upcoming free class, beginning April 22nd, will be the last class in which students will only have to pay a $60 deposit.  Just to clarify: if a potential student is so stricken by poverty that they cannot afford the deposit, I have special arrangement to offer.  I will not leave anyone behind.  

We have had over three dozen people express interest in taking this Happiness 101 class.  But it is not on a first come, first serve basis. There are a number of factors in who gets chosen for the class.  A big one is readiness for change.  Are YOU ready for a change?  Are YOU ready for a Happier life?  Then    There IS still time to enroll in the April 22nd class but you must get in your application no later than Saturday, April 8th and 9pm.  To apply,  click here for more information.

* There is a $60 deposit.  If the student attends at least six of the eight classes, they get their deposit back at the end of class.  If the student cannot afford the deposit, arrangements can still be made.  E-mail Frank for more information.

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Next FREE class to begins Saturday April 26th, 2014

Happiness 101 works! – and we have the numbers to prove it!

Using scientifically validated instruments, students of Happiness 101 show a decrease in depression and increases in their happiness, optimism, belief that they can make a positive impact in their own life and self-esteem. The evidence is so compelling we are working toward getting published in the Journal of Positive Psychology!

Here are some testimonials from a recent class:

“Happiness 101 helped me cross the bridge between understanding that attitude change is possible to experience attitude change.”

“I feel much happier now that I have taken this course.”

“[The] Self-Esteem [portion of the class] was a HUGE eye opener for me and one of those moments in life where it is a light bulb moment.”

“I have looked myself in the mirror and found so many things that I have loved about myself that I didn’t know existed.”

“I appreciated discovering more of my negative thinking errors and taking more responsibility for them.”

“I have learned that I have always had happiness inside of me and I always knew what made me happy.”

“It was humorous, enlightening, challenging, and affirming.”

“REALLY appreciated learning about self-esteem!”

“I usually don’t do well with change but the knowledge. I have now gets me excited to move forward with a clear mind and I am ready to see what the future has in store for me.”

“Since starting this class I’ve learned so much about myself and how I can become happier.”

“I have really enjoyed this class. I have seen a change in me.”

The next Happiness 101 class will be held on Saturdays April 26th to June 14th from noon to 2pm. Click here to find out more about Happiness 101.

Frank Clayton, The Happy Therapist
Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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Sue was a remote student 2 semesters ago. Every week I would check in with her and every week, with no excuses she admitted that she had not completed a piece of the home opportunities. It was not until the last night of class did I invite Sue to tell a little of her story. She was author reluctant because she did not want to complain. I invited her to stand in her power and tell her story not as a complaint but just state the facts.

Fact #1: Sue had cerebal palsy which caused her to walk with the aid of a walker.

Fact #2: Sue was on disability and therefore on an income that precluded her from buying The How of Happiness. She borrowed it from the library.

Fact #3: Sue had no Internet. She took the bus nearly every week to the library so she could watch the required videos. Of course she used her walker to get from the bus to the library.

Fact #4: Sue had a learning disability that made reading very challenging. She made arrangements with a tutor to sit with her each week and help her through the reading.

Fact #5: Sue was extremely patient, understanding and grateful to be allowed to take the class remotely from California. There were several situations that would have lead many to complain or express frustration (dropped calls, unable to see the white board, difficulty hearing what was being said). But Sue was gracious and good natured at every turn.

Fact: Sue is one of my Happiness Heroes. She certainly had several challenges that she could have used as am excuse. Instead she CHOSE to embody the very spirit of Happiness 101 by capitalizing on her many strengths (humility, gratitude, sense of humor, love of learning, tenacity and more) and focusing and what she COULD do, not what she couldn’t.

When Sue was done sharing her story, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We were all truly humbled by her grace and grateful
To have such an amazing teacher.


Frank~The Happy Therapist

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At the end of each Happiness 101 class, I create report cards for each student. This allows them to see their progress in the class. It is always a joy to do these report cards because they always reflect improvement and cause me to look back upon the class with a special kind of Happiness. It is such an amazing experience to be the teacher of Happiness 101 and every semester get a front row seat to real, positive change. I feel so blessed.

Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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There was a student in Happiness 101 tonight that really made my day. We’ll call her “M.”, just because I don’t want to embarrass her. Tonight was her third time in the class and she said the class has made a huge impact on her life. She said she did not realize that her choices could effect her Happiness and that embracing that concept and putting it right to work has made all the difference. M. also shared how she was amazed at how writing down the five positives per day can have such a positive impact. M. helped remind me why I teach Happiness 101 and the real effect that it has on real people. Thank you, M.

~Frank Clayton, Licensed Professional Counselor

Studies have shown that writing five positives per day can decrease depression. This is one of them. This is just one of the tidbits from (the free class), Happiness 101. For more positives, click here..

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happy drawerLast night I had the pleasure of listening to Wendy Mendenhall speak. She is putting together an amazing institution called Tao Metaversity. You will be hearing a lot more about it over the coming months – trust me on that! You can read all about it at During her talk, Wendy told an amazing story. She was asked to go to a school and address classes of three different grades: second, third and sixth grades, to be specific. Wendy enthusiastically asked the second graders, “Who here is an artist?”. EVERY hand went up! She went around the room asking what art they specialized in. One boy said, “I dressed myself!” Another girl said she decorated her room. Each student excitedly shared how they, in their own way, expressed themselves as an artist. When Wendy went to the third graders and asked “Who here is an artist?” – HALF the hands went up. Wendy asked herself “What happened to the other half of the artists?” When she went to the sixth graders and asked the same question, only one hand went up. That one student’s hand was literally being yanked down by the student next to him, telling him “You’re not an artist. Put your hand down. You’re embarassing yourself.” The other student struggled to keep his hand up, insisting “I am too an artist!” What happened? Their definition of an artist got smaller and smaller until it was confined and narrow.
Wendy pointed out that everything in the room was created by an artist. An architect designed the room itself. Someone with super creativity designed those chairs – they were unique in design and comfortable. The clothes we were wearing, the jewelry that adorned us, etc. etc.
It made me think “How am I an artist?” How are YOU an artist?

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Dear Dr. Lyubomirsky,

Words cannot convey what a thrill it was to receive your comments on the book review of the How of Happiness. I don’t know how much you had a chance to look at the website, but I have been teaching a class called Happiness 101, based largely on your book. Actually at one point I was teaching the class THREE times a week: once in the private practice, once as a conference call and once at my “day job” working at an adult day treatment unit. On September 12th I will be teaching a workshop based heavily on the book as well (I am calling it Happiness 201). I bought several copies of the book to give to participants of the class. I also direct people to your website ( whenever possible – including a link on my website ( and my Facebook fan page (also called Happiness 101). I think anyone that is serious about being happier should start by reading your book. Looking to the future, I am hoping to teach Happiness 101 as an accredited class. Your book will be required reading.

Specifically, I so vehemently support your book because it is empirically based. I have picked up so many books in which the author is talking a good talk but find myself repeatedly asking “Where are they getting this?”, “What do they have to back this up?” In most cases I found their assertions to be subjective and therefore questionable. I also very much enjoy your style of writing. It is packed with information of happiness related studies while remaining down-to-earth and personable – a challenging balance to acquire! It is almost painful to see it sitting on the self-help shelf along with all the other books about happiness. Books like yours should have some sort of seal or special marking setting it apart from the others. I personally have two copies of your book. One to read and one to underline, highlight and scribble in the margins. I think every inch of white space has notes on it – even the cover!

It has been amazing to see the transformation in the “students” of the Happiness 101 classes. They are becoming Happiness ambassadors; teaching their friends, family and co-workers how to be happier. At the adult day treatment unit, many of the people I work with have been severely depressed for many years. Now most of them smile and eagerly share each week about the positives in their lives. We usually start the class by dancing to an upbeat, positive song. This week we got every single person on their feet – over 30 of them! They have HOPE, where they had none before. These are people with severe mental illness but because of your book, they have realized they have choices they can make to make their lives better. In turn, they inspire others – not only other clients but their friends, family members and even staff. After all, it is difficult to gripe about our problems when we see someone suffering from a severe mental illness making better choices and improving their lives. My “students” are an inspiration and many times my teacher.

I am incredibly excited to hear you are writing a new book! I will do everything I can to spread the word about the Happiness application for the iPhone ( What an amazing idea!! I’ll become a fan on Facebook, put a link on my website, tell my “students” and of course put the app on my own phone.

Your research and your book is changing many, many lives. Thank you SO much.


Frank G. Clayton
Licensed Professional Counselor

The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky

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