Forgiveness. Is it really hurting the other person to hold a grudge? Join us for the “Happy Hour” the class about Happiness via conference call

MonkTwo monks spent time in prison where they were brutally tortured.  Years after their release they met on a road.  One monk asked if he had yet forgiven his tormentors.  The monk replied, “Never!  I will never forgive them.”  His fellow monk frowned and said, “Then I guess they still have you in prison.” 

There are many misconceptions about forgiveness – that it is a pardon or is in some way saying what happened was “okay”.  On the “Happy Hour” this week, we will discuss forgiveness further – about the process of forgiveness, when NOT to forgive and when TO forgive.  We will also talk about various styles of doing so.  Join us Monday, July 13th at 5pm.  “Happy Hour” is a class about Happiness offered free of charge via conference call.  The number to call is 1-309-747-2560  Access code: 951526#


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