Healing Arts Fair, Saturday July 18th

This Saturday, July 18th, The Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living is THE place to be for all things healing!

This is an absolutely amazing gathering of professionals.  Healers for the mind, body and spirit.  We’ve got massage, energy work, Shamanism, Reiki, rolfing, physical therapy, Pilates, Pranic Healing, Theta, sacred geometry reading, quantum NLP, Deeksha Blessings, Reconnecting Healing and much, much, MUCH more!  Over 40 healers will be there to pamper you!   All proceeds go the building fund for the Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living.   Cost to get in is $5

I will be teaching about Happiness for all four hours!  Each hour of the Happiness class will be different from the last and will cost $20 per hour.  I’ll teach for 40 minutes, give twenty minutes for some one-on-one then back at it again at the top of the hour.  Each hour will be different.  I’ll talk about the myths of happiness, the happiness set-point and perhaps most importantly WHY even when things are good, people don’t feel as happy as they think they should.  Cost for the Happiness class is $20 per person per hour.  Again, all proceeds go to the Center for Spiritual Living.  Feel free to visit their website at www.spirituallyfree.com

This is THE place to be this Saturday, July 18th from noon to 4pm.  The location is 870 East North Union Avenue, that’s right off of Fort Union and 9th East, tucked behind Hoppers.  See you there!!


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