Positive #3: Allen, the Happiness 101 Teacher’s Assistant

I feel very grateful for Allen, the Teacher’s Assistant for the new semester of Happiness 101, which began tonight. Allen has been one of the, what I call, “the Core Five” – which means he was one of five people who showed up and continued to show up for Happiness 101 in 2009 and 2010. These five people made up the core of Happiness 101 and kept it’s heart beating through those early years. Happiness 101 would very likely not exist were it not for Allen and the other four die-hard students. Allen has used what he learned from class and changed his life. People have looked to him and inquired about his Happiness. He freely attributes his Happy shift to Happiness 101 and has probably been the greatest single source of bringing in new students. Allen has an enthusiasm that is infectious and a willingness to give that is admirable. I feel very lucky to have him.

Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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