Positive #1: Cancellations

I really enjoy being a therapist. It’s what I am built for. If I had my preference I would see client after client. I used to have certain, shall we say, “energy” about cancellations. But I have used the 8 steps that I teach in Happiness 101 to make my life happier. So, I became mindful of that “energy”, decided that, no, I did not like feeling…. “energy” when a cancellation occurred. I did some brainstorming, coming up with several ways that I could react differently. One of them was to appreciate the respite and use that time to care for myself. I have even “celebrated” by playing my guitar or taking a nap 🙂 So, I am Happy that I am in a place where I can add cancellations to my list of positives.

Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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