Brian S, Swap Meet and Happiness Social

Positive #1: Brian S.  Agreeing to adopt a special needs child is an undertaking not to be taken lightly.  It takes a special person to do that and that’s exactly what my friend Brian did.  I am very proud of what a great father he has been to Mariah and extremely grateful that he and his wife agreed to make me Godfather.  On this Father’s Day, I wanted to express my gratitude.
Positive #2:  Swap Meet.  I hadn’t been to a swap meet in years!  There were great bargains at every turn.  I bought a new cat carrier – and tablet as a gift.  The first thing I bought though was sunscreen!  ‘Really glad I did!  I still got a little sun but the weather was perfect.  It was also good to get out and walk.  
Positive #3: The Happiness Social yesterday.  I really enjoy “setting the table” for people to make new friends.  The folks who came to yesterday’s Happiness Social seemed especially full of willingness, openness with a healthy dose of humor.  It always does my heart good to see people laughing, smiling and engaged in good conversation – I guess because I know what an incredibly important part social connections is to the puzzle of Happiness….  I’m honored to be part of it.
Frank Clayton, The Happy Therapist

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