Frontal Lobe, Getting Organized and Home Sand

Positive #1: My frontal lobe.  The prefrontal cortex is that newest part of the brain and it allows us the ability to conceptualize the future.  I appreciate this part of my brain because an important ingredient of my happiness is anticipating good things to come – like a camping trip, a concert or going to see a movie.  

Positive #2: Getting organized.  I feel better because lately I have been checking off my short term goals to get ultimately get more organized.  I tamed the octopus of electronic cords in my bag with small bags and snack size zip lock baggies.  I’ve made it through two of my to-do lists and cleaned out my car.  This reduces anxiety and frustration and increases my (you guessed it) happiness!

Positive #3: Home Sand.  I am originally from Redondo Beach, California.  It’s an amazing place to come from.  I feel incredibly lucky.  In my senior year, I was lucky enough to move to The Avenues where I was only a half block from the beach!  Some of my favorite memories occurred during those months.  When I think of my “safe place” or “happy place”, it is a short stretch of beach there.  I brought several scoops of sand back to Utah so I always have a bit of home with me.  I love to close my eyes, feel it and when I smell it, for a moment, I am home.

Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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