The Jarvis Virus, Richard H. and Car Service

Positive #1: The Jarvis Virus.  It would take a long time to explain this Ingress weapon but last night I truly took delight in using it.  It turns an enemy portal into a portal of your faction.  It allowed me to take over an important piece of the Resistance puzzle up on the east side.  I am grateful to the person that showed it to me and explained it to me.  Great fun.

Positive #2: Richard H.  Richard has become a regular at the Happiness Socials (which there is one tomorrow).  He has always been fully engaged in the activity and gushed with appreciation afterward.  He has sent me a thank you card after every Social and even sent my wife a birthday card!  I’m sure one of Richard’s top strengths is expressing gratitude. Richard’s enthusiasm and appreciation has truly brought me happiness and I appreciate him.

Positive #3: Car service for only $50!  I felt very relieved and grateful when I was able to spring my car from the car doctor for only $50!  they were able to identify a couple of minor issues and fix them quickly and easily.  I love getting those little things fixed because then when I remember “Oh yeah!  I can use the cigarette lighter to charge my phone now!” it’s a great feeling.  ‘Kinda like finding that $20 you left in your winter coat.


Frank Clayton, The Happy Therapist 

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