6/23/15 – Empire Boardwalk, Frustration, and Northern Lights

Positive 1

After trying to endure watching the series Empire Boardwalk I decided all the ickyness it made me feel and nightmares was not worth it and took it back to the library. I want to see things that make me happy or at least think.

Positive 2

Today I felt snippy at the store and irritated that the belt kept dragging my purse down as I was trying to get in it. I almost snapped at the clerk and something stopped me cause it wasn’t her fault, good thing, turned out she is a dear friends grand daughter. Glad I controlled my crabbiness (solar storms and dry hot wind make me crabby, ok not for happiness page).

Positive 3

And with the storms it is good that many people get to experience the Northern Lights which we rarely see. (Hope I get to see.)

By: Kathie

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