Happiness 101

You missed it!  In this week’s Happiness 101 class we talked about the issue of Comfort vs. Happiness.  Think about it: Comfort vs. Happiness.  Next week we will discuss taking ownership of your Happiness and how to break free from the Happiness Robbers.

Happiness 101 is an uplifting, positive, FREE class where you’ll have fun, learn to break unhappy habits and learn HOW to be happy.  The material taught in this class is based on scientific research that supports what will REALLY make us happy versus what we think will make us happy (studies show we are surprisingly poor at making decisions that will ultimately lead to happiness).

Join us Tuesday (5/26/09) 7pm at 220 East 3900 South #7 at 7pm

Call 801-262-0317 for recorded information

‘Keep smiling.


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