"Happy Hour" A class about Happiness via conference call

Last week we learned that we laugh an average of 15 times per day, while the average child laughs an average of 400 times a day!  We have a lot of catching up to do!

In this class you will learn the basics of happiness and how, even when times are good, we do not feel as happy as we THINK we should!    Studies have proven again and again that we are poor predictors of what will actually make us happy.  So join us, have some fun and learn how to really be happy.  YES, we will actually be meeting on Memorial Day.   So, please take a moment and think of where you will be at 5pm on Monday (go ahead, I’ll wait)……..   Okay, on Monday, 5pm dial (309) 747-2560 Your participant access code: 951526#  If you can, I suggest you dial in a few minutes before.

Of course you are welcome to join us the following day, Tuesday 7pm for the in-person class Happiness 101.

‘Can always get up-to-date information by calling 801-262-0317.

See/Hear you  soon.


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