The Happiness Setpoint

Even if depression runs in your family, you CAN raise your Happiness Setpoint!

[youtube=]Everyone has a Happiness Setpoint.  This is basically how happy you are naturally.  It is analagous to one’s weight.  Some people keep weight off easily.  Others have to really work at it.  So, some people are natually happy and let life’s trials slide off easily.  Some of us – not so much.  The Happiness Setpoint is one of the reasons why we may feel really happy for a while but it seems to wear off and we return to our Happiness Setpoint.  The nice thing is that it works the other way as well.  You know that one really awful event you are scared might happen someday?  Well, you can rest assured that if it did, you would return back to your Happiness Setpoint.  You are more resilient than you think.  Most people have a constellation of negative happiness that rob them of the opportunity to be happier.  By changing negative habits, you CAN raise your happiness setpoint!  Join us for one of our Happiness classes:  “Happy Hour” at 5pm on Mondays via conference call OR Happiness 101 our live class at my office every Tuesday 7pm.  Call 801-262-0317 for details.

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