Today we honor the heros and the fallen of 9/11.

As a nation we have grieved the events of that tragic day.

As a therapist, when it comes to grief, I only give people one piece of advice: be where you are in the grieving process. If today you feel sadness, please honor that by feeling it and expressing it. Being where you are on the path is how you reach acceptance. Even when you reach acceptance you may see or hear something that may stir up feelings of anger or sadness. Again, I urge you to be where ever you are in the process. Of course, this means feeling it. If you are feeling angry, I ask that you express it in a healthy way – not in any way that might hurt another emotionally or physically. Healthy expressions of anger could be talking to a trusted person, journalling or using your anger to do something constructive.

Today, you can go to the Patriot Day Healing Field in Sandy to remember the fallen and the heroes of 9/11.

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