Happiness 101 – The Next Phase begins Tuesday, Sept. 15th

Happiness 201 “incredibly enlightening”

Happiness 101It was so much fun doing Happiness 201 this morning! We had a LOT of fun and mapped out a plan for long-term Happiness.

Of Happiness 201, Heather said, “I thought this was incredibly enlightening! This was my first class (I will be taking 101 when it starts over). I am thrilled to be here. I can’t believe the great abundance of information I was given for $50. I didn’t know what to expect but in my opinion, it couldn’t have been any better. Every day in every way I (we) are getting better & better & better. I feel the happiness myth is busted!”

As Heather indicated, the Happiness Classes will begin anew soon, so this is the perfect time to jump in. On Tuesday I will give a crash course in Happiness, which will be followed by six weeks of studying chapters from Sonja Lyubomirsky’s The How of Happiness. Books will be available to buy or borrow. Join us: Tuesday September 15th 7pm for Happiness 101, the FREE class about Happiness. Address: 220 East 3900 South #7

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