4/13/15- Electronics, Organization, and Cognitive Skills

Positive 1

I have an old tv, vcr and electronics so it took me forever to figure out how I had the dvd set up from before. Sometimes the simple things are the ones that work and that turned out to be the case. I wrote myself instructions for next time.

Positive 2

I got my car cleaned yesterday and it feels so much better to drive in a clean car. I know my life would improve if I would work on organization.

Positive 3

In all honesty I have been fighting a little depression the last three weeks. I have stayed out of the dark most days. So I am working on cognitive skills most days knowing that it will pass. After work today I hit the covers but then made myself get up and exercise. It takes effort and I am glad most times I know it is better to make that effort.


By: Kathie

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