Positive 1

I have an old tv, vcr and electronics so it took me forever to figure out how I had the dvd set up from before. Sometimes the simple things are the ones that work and that turned out to be the case. I wrote myself instructions for next time.

Positive 2

I got my car cleaned yesterday and it feels so much better to drive in a clean car. I know my life would improve if I would work on organization.

Positive 3

In all honesty I have been fighting a little depression the last three weeks. I have stayed out of the dark most days. So I am working on cognitive skills most days knowing that it will pass. After work today I hit the covers but then made myself get up and exercise. It takes effort and I am glad most times I know it is better to make that effort.


By: Kathie

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Smiling dogPositive #1: Smiling dog.  Every time I look at this little dog, I smile.  Why?  Because it looks like he is smiling at me!  He is so cute and always enthusiastic (aka: Happy!).  A happy dog makes for a great companion in good times and in times of struggle.

Positive #2: Google photo sharing.  I am very impressed with this feature in Google that automatically saves pictures taken on my phone to the cloud.  I took the above picture and then thought about getting the wires to hook it to my computer.  Then I remembered this feature, went to the site and there they were.  Incredible.

Positive #3: Ingress’ in game ability to communicate.  There’s a really cleaver feature within the Ingress game that allows me to communicate with anyone playing the game at whatever level I choose (5k, 10k, 20k, etc. etc up to GLOBALLY).  It also allows me to talk privately to my team, allowing us to coordinate game play.  Case-in-point – looks like a team mate needs help in Lehi.  I’m off!


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Article on KSL.com
Mike and JanetSALT LAKE CITY — Four years ago I called my best friend, Michael. We’ve known each other since grade school and made a point to catch up at least once a month. When I asked how he was doing, he said “Same (stuff), different day.” He was at work. He told me about how he and his girlfriend, Janet, had gone out to dinner and thought how she might be “the one.”

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I cried when I watched this TED video. It is SO powerful. I am in awe of the courage for this woman to not only transcend her challenges with schizophrenia but equally amazed at her willingness to speak so openly, frankly and publicly about that struggle. I hope that it helps to break down the stigma of mental illness that we may all have compassion for those who struggle with unseen injuries. My most sincere and humble thanks to Elyn Saks for speaking out.


Frank Clayton LPC

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Report from IPPA Conference, Day 2

Day two of the 2nd Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association was simply amazing.  I learned SO much!  At one point I laughed to my friend “Teacher!  My brain is full!”  Here’s a report of the day’s events:

It began with Ed Deci speaking about self-determination and its relationship to positive psychology – in other words: the self-fulfilling prophecy.  He showed scientific proof that believing that you are doomed and things will never get better can actually bring that about.  Using a simple analogy (of my own), if one is drowning and they really don’t think anyone will come to rescue them, they can behave based on this belief by not paddling and dying before help could arrive.  But Deci really wowed the crowd when he reported that studies repeatedly proved that external rewards kill off intrinsic motivation.  For instance, when we try to control our children either by giving them a reward for doing well (the carrot) or punishing them when they do not do well (the stick), we inadvertently are hindering our child’s innate love of learning!  You can bet I will be blogging more about this. Continue reading Report from IPPA Conference, Day 2

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