Diary of a Happy Therapist: What the water fountain taught me

One can learn a great deal by being in the moment – even from a water fountain

water fountainThe more I learn about happiness the more I have found myself fully experiencing the here and now.  Case in point, the other day I learned something from the water fountain in the building of my private practice.  This water fountain is rather touchy.  It makes a lot of noise when you press the button, alerting everyone on the second floor that someone is thirsty.   I went up to refill my water bottle.  Being in the moment, I appreciated each step I went up, my body’s remarkable ability to send the signals to my legs that allow me to ascend easily up the stairs.  I found myself appreciating my legs and my coordination to carry out this simple, often mindless “task” of walking up the stairs.  I appreciated my ability to do so, for tomorrow – who knows?  I have taken on the philosophy that anything I would be upset for losing tomorrow, is something I can appreciate today.  Reaching the fountain I depressed the button.  True to form, it groaned its groan.  I noticed that if I pressed the button down 3/4 of the way, the water stream came out smoothly, allowing me to easily fill my bottle.  If, however, I pushed too hard, the water came out in jerky spurts, which made it nearly impossible to fill it.  I smiled and gently let off the pressure drawing the comparrison to the therapeutic process.  Though I may be anxious to help the client before me, pushing too hard too fast can lead to frustration and lack of fulfillment.  The groaning fountain was an excellent reminder to allow things to happen in their own good time.  The fountain was a good teacher.  By being in the moment, I am becoming a better student.

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