Help Choose IPPA Workshops

Positive Psychology giant, Dan Gilbert advises in his book, Stumbling On Happiness, that when when one is unsure of what … More Help Choose IPPA Workshops

Positive #1: Our ceiling fan.

It was the only thing that allowed me to sleep last night. I swear the challenge of installing it made … More Positive #1: Our ceiling fan.

Positive #3: Saran rap.

It saves food from spoiling. It is cost effective and I can’t even imagine all the dish washing it saves. … More Positive #3: Saran rap.

Positive #2: Pumpkin seeds.

I’ve really been into pumpkin seeds lately. Or, I guess I should say, they are into me. Yummy! Salty (which … More Positive #2: Pumpkin seeds.

Positive #1: Purses.

While I don’t personally carry one, I appreciate that they give women an opportunity to show off their fashion sense. … More Positive #1: Purses.

Positive #1

Yesterday I turned a negative into a positive. I had forgotten to remove the Suicide Prevention Coalition meeting from my … More Positive #1