Happy Sex Class. Monday August 31st 7pm

happy sexesI’ve had a few questions about the upcoming Happy Sex Class. Let me set the record straight: this will not be a class that teaches anything graphic. There are plenty of resources for people to find out various sexual techniques. Such proficiencies will NOT be the subject of this class. Instead, we will be talking about the basics we have learned in the Happiness 101 class and how to apply those concepts in the bedroom. This is a unique opportunity because much of the class material has focused on how to be happy as an individual but there has not been a great deal of emphasis on how to be happy as half of a couple. What better arena to do just that than the most intimate part of a couple’s relationship: namely sex? I will strive to keep the quality and quantity of information high while keeping the embarassment factor to a minimum. That said, we hope you will join us Monday at 7pm. It’s $5 per person. Location 220 East 3900 South #7. For recorded information, call 801-262-0317

Frank Clayton
Licensed Professional Counselor

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