Positive #2: Left prefrontal cortex (in the brain).

Science has been able to show that this is the happy part of the brain. On brain scans, it lights … More Positive #2: Left prefrontal cortex (in the brain).

Positive #3: Daniel Nahmod’s song “Everything New”.

This song moves me every time I hear it. And I don’t play it lightly. I only play this song … More Positive #3: Daniel Nahmod’s song “Everything New”.

Positive #1: Grateful.

I am grateful for having more than enough applicants for the June semester of Happiness 101. Without going into detail, … More Positive #1: Grateful.

Positive #3: Lynn Johnson.

Positive #3: Lynn Johnson. There are very few people in Salt Lake that speak the language of Positive Psychology. One … More Positive #3: Lynn Johnson.

Positive #12 My wife’s anger.

Today my wife took to task a woman in the grocery store parking lot who told her husband that he … More Positive #12 My wife’s anger.

Positive #9

The nice custodian at University of Utah’s Union building. He was SO nice! He offered to help me set up … More Positive #9

Positive #3

The audience at the University of Utah’s talk was awesome! They played along SO well with my antics and kept … More Positive #3

Positive #3 Lisa Cypers Kamen

Lisa Cypers Kamen‘s screening of The H-Factor. I really enjoyed seeing the documentary again but the Q&A following was really … More Positive #3 Lisa Cypers Kamen

Positive #3 My Mom’s Dad

I associate my grandfather with the smell of a pipe. It was warm and rustic. There was something comforting about … More Positive #3 My Mom’s Dad