Positive Psychology giant, Dan Gilbert advises in his book, Stumbling On Happiness, that when when one is unsure of what to choose, one should call for reinforcements; advice from others! There are SO many amazing lectures to attend at the upcoming International Positive Psychology Association’s 3rd World Congress, I’m not sure which ones to pick! So, I am inviting YOU to look over the schedule and make your suggestions. Of course if I go to the lecture you suggest, I will be talking about it at the upcoming Cutting Edge of Happiness talk (Saturday, July 8th, 9am to 1pm – click here for more info). Just look over the program in these following three pictures and leave your comments below – or you can also E-mail me at frank@saltlakementalhealth.com

IPPA Friday


IPPA Saturday









Thanks for all your help!


Frank Clayton, the Happy Therapist

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Report from IPPA Conference, Day 3

Wow! What an absolutely amazing day! In case you’re just “tuning in”, today is day 3 of the 2nd Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association.
Here are the highlights:

  • Barbara Fredrickson (author of my #2 pick on Happiness, Positivity) talked about Love
  • Meeting Todd Kashdan and (what may be his last) talk at IPPA
  • Possible collaboration with positive psychologist and local, Lynn Johnson
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with a Positive Spin
  • Positive Computing
  • Meeting Jane McGonigal and using her on-line game to enhance Happiness 101
  • How much you think you can do something effects whether (and how hard) you try *
  • The use of strengths in therapy – the intermediate lesson *
  • Gala and the National Constitution Center *

* I will report on these tomorrow.

It was much cooler today. A blessing for my walk to my third download of information in the realm of positive psychology, a.k.a. Happiness! As I walked through City Hall in (literally) the heart of Philadelphia, I hummed a little tune. I was distracted by the richness and variety of the people as I walked. Per haps distracted enough by the suits, the homeless, the street venders, the skaters and the provocative dress, the song’s lyrics did not bubble to the surface until in the shadow of the Downtown Marriott. I murmured, “All you need is love. Bump-ba bump-ba bump. All you need is love. Bump-ba bump-ba bump. All you need is love, love – love is all you need.” As I realized I was humming a Beatles standard, I also realized that the topic of Barbara Fredrickson’s talk was “Love: A new lens on the science of thriving” Continue reading Report from IPPA Conference, Day 3

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What does heaven look like on a daily basis?
Even if you are an atheist, I am sure you could conjure up an image of the here-after (upstairs, not downstairs).
No, really think about it.
We have lots of different areas here on earth. How would it be in heaven? Finances. School. Occupation. Relationships (family, friends, spouse). Sex. Body. Do you have a home? How do you travel from one place to another? Is there drugs in Heaven? How about wine? TV? Cell phones? What possessions would we have and what would we not? Food for thought. Which reminds me to ask: is there food in your version of heaven?
The question (“What does Heaven look like on a daily basis?”) was one I posed to the students of Happiness 101 class on Monday night. They spent several minutes writing down their answers. It helped them learn a great deal about themselves. Heaven, after all, is the ideal happy life, is it not?
It is so important that you write down YOUR answer to the question before reading on, that I am going to refrain from posting the rest of this article for two days. Please check back after you have written your answer.

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Happy loversI am a mental health therapist specializing in Happiness. Tonight I took the principles from the Happiness 101 class (Tuesdays 7pm) and discussed how they can be applied to life behind the bedroom door. If you missed the Happy Sex Class, here are a few notes of interest:

The relationship in the bedroom is often a reflection of the relationship outside the bedroom.
Communicate, communicate, communicate. Communication is key. If you want something (or something you do NOT want), find a way to talk about it. Use assertiveness (as opposed to aggressive, passive or passive aggressive)
If you are have trouble asking directly for what you want, you can stress the positive – say what you DO like.
If you experience guilt or shame in relation to sex, I suggest therapy.
Know yourself. Know what you like sexually and what you don’t.
Identify and honor your sexual boundaries
Do not compromise your values

Work to be happy with what you have (Myth of happiness “I’ll be happy WHEN”)
Use language that your partner finds appealing in initiating sex and when referring to sex or sexual organs.
Know your partner – what they like and what they don’t like. What are their boundaries?

Variety is the spice of a good sex life. There is a great deal of variety to be found if you are looking for it. Again, don’t do anything that is against your values.

There is a great article: Sex Secrets of Really Happy Couples

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or question here or E-mail me at frank@saltlakementalhealth.com

Frank Clayton
Licensed Professional Counselor

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happy sexesI’ve had a few questions about the upcoming Happy Sex Class. Let me set the record straight: this will not be a class that teaches anything graphic. There are plenty of resources for people to find out various sexual techniques. Such proficiencies will NOT be the subject of this class. Instead, we will be talking about the basics we have learned in the Happiness 101 class and how to apply those concepts in the bedroom. This is a unique opportunity because much of the class material has focused on how to be happy as an individual but there has not been a great deal of emphasis on how to be happy as half of a couple. What better arena to do just that than the most intimate part of a couple’s relationship: namely sex? I will strive to keep the quality and quantity of information high while keeping the embarassment factor to a minimum. That said, we hope you will join us Monday at 7pm. It’s $5 per person. Location 220 East 3900 South #7. For recorded information, call 801-262-0317

Frank Clayton
Licensed Professional Counselor

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