Happiness 101: What IS Happiness MONDAY, Nov. 2nd

Happiness 101Are you Happy? Is your answer “yes” or “no”? Are those are only choices? It is a matter of black or white, all or nothing? Or is Happiness on a continuum? Think about what went into your answer. Did you say you were happy or unhappy based on something that just happened or your overall mood? Did you take into account your looks, wealth or social status? Do you know what will make you happy in the future? When asked people at work if they were happy, most indicate that they cannot wait until the 5 o’clock whistle blows or the weekend finally arrives. Studies, however, have proven that most people are actually happier at work, where they are productive than at home idly watching the tube. What a concept! If we are striving after what we THINK will make us happy but the prize does not satiate our thirst for Happiness, then what ARE we to do? Happiness 101 will help you to appropriately identify those things that actually bring you happiness and help you to become happier. Join us, Monday, November 2nd at 7pm. The class is frown. You have nothing to lose but your frown. Look at Upcoming Events on this website or call 801-262-0317 for recorded information.

Frank Clayton
Licensed Professional Counselor

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