Diary of a Happy Therapist: 8 Minute Meditation-Week One

Join me as I take the journey into meditation – and Happiness!

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Fun can be broken down into different categories. Read on to discern what kind of fun are you having and how can you get more mileage out of it.

Fun and its Role in Happiness

The word “fun” is often tossed out as bait to lure consumers into the malls and amusement parks, but what really IS fun to you and how can you feel more of it?

Choosing a Self-Help Book Wisely

Finding real HELP in self-HELP books

Can You Tell Lifelong Happiness Just From a Picture?

You can tell a lot from a smile. Do you have a genuine smile? There are specific markers of a real smile. This will get you opening up your yearbook and examining your own picture.

Which will make you happier: a dog or a gym membership?

Whether looking for exercise or happiness, hounds take off the pounds better than the gym.