Am I Becoming a Happiness Snob?

After scouring the internet for quality sites about Happiness, here are my picks.

snobLast night I was scouring the internet to find good websites to set up as links on my website ( I was VERY picky! Maybe even TOO picky. But there is SO much information out there about Happiness that is not based on empirical evidence or scientific study. Much of it is happy people who believe that because they are happy that they know the secrets to happiness and so they launched a website and wrote a book and they urge us to do what they did to find true happiness. There are also some sites focusing on happiness, but it seems that there chief goal is to get you to buy their product. Now, don’t get me wrong. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to go out and spread happiness. I was just very choosey about the links I put on my site. My hope is to give you nothing but the best that you may not only live happier but do it by using what really works. Here are my picks:
Authentic Happiness is an amazing site – chock full of goodies including self-assessments by Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology.
Get was put together by Michael Fordyce one of the first to start the formal study of happiness.
Happier – An extremely good site with lots of resources
Happy News – A steady stream of good news. How refreshing.
The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin gives her first hand account of her year long journey on the path of happiness
The How of Happiness – Instead of picking the actual site (, I chose Sonja Lyubomirsky’s faculty site because not only does it give you a link to more about the book (which is my #1 pick) but this site offers links to papers, talks and a peek into the cutting edge of happiness research.

So, have I become a Happiness Snob? Perhaps. But I would rather be too picky than give you anything but the best.
Frank Clayton, LPC

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  1. Addiction has always been an interesting subject to me. I think almost everyone is addicted to something. Not all addictions are easy to see and some are not so harmful. I think there is power in an addiction type situation if directed to a beneficial thing, like a passion or hobby.

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