Feeling Better, Dominion Online and World War Z

Positive #1: Feeling MUCH better today! This allowed me to get some laundry done, straighten up the house, do some dishes and (GASP!) take a walk! There’s something really special about that first venture out of the house after being inside for upwards of 24 hours. I am also grateful that my illness fell on a weekend that I may fulfill my calling this week in the capacity of therapist. 

Positive #2: Dominion online. I got to play one of my favorite games (Dominion) online with a friend today. It was great because we challenge one another mentally and got to banter back and forth using the game’s chat feature. One of the things I like about it is even if is the dead of night, because it is a game loved across the globe, you can always find someone to play with. I’ve actually had some very interesting conversations with people from Europe using that game. Oh! I guess the best thing about the game is it introduced me to the aforementioned friend. Social connection always gets double happiness points in my book  

Positive #3: World War Z. As zombie movies go, I really enjoyed it! It was good company while my body healed, which DISTRACTION is a huge part of the happiness strategy for coping. Believe me, it was so fast paced, there was not much time to slow down. The plot was quite feasible and I actually found myself choked up a couple of times (and how many zombie movies can you say that about?  Nice job, Brad Pitt!) Also the act of courage displayed at the end of the movie, I found to be inspirational.


Frank Clayton, The Happy Therapist

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