Are we really in control of our emotions (including Happiness)?

Do we REALLY have control over our emotions (including Happiness? Yes and no.

happy light swtichEmotions.  What ARE we to do with them?  Are we in control?  Yes and no.  We have as much control over our emotions as we have control of the light that illuminates the room.  Do we have control over that light?  Yes and no.  Were the light switch not there, we would have no direct control over the light.  So, many people feel that they do not have control over their emotions because they don’t.  Not only do they not have control over the emotions, they do not understand how they switch works that DOES control the emotions.  It is exactly this issue we will discuss this week on the “Happy Hour” – the Happiness class brought to you by conference call every Monday at 5pm (MST).  All are welcome.  You can call 801-262-0317 to get details of how to join our call.

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