Misperceptions about Happiness

There seem to be some misperceptions about Happiness: that happy people are not living in reality and that happy people do not feel “negative” emotions like anger or sadness. These issues are addressed.

There seems to be some misperceptions about what Happiness is.  Some people have a resistence to being happy because they think that happy people are living in a fantasy world.  They wonder how can people be happy with so many bad things going on in the world?  Of course there are bad things happening in the world.  There are also inspiring miracles happening every day.  Both are occuring in the “real world”.  The question is: which one do you want to give your focus?  Bad news sells. So our papers and our evening news are brimming with the stuff.  There are plenty of good things going on as well if you are looking for it.  One such example is www.happynews.com Which “reality” do you prefer to live in?  Of course you might choose some of each. 

Another misperception about happy people is that we never feel angry, upset, frustrated or sad.  If you give that belief a little more thought, it does not stand up well to scrutiny.  People who are generally sad or angry still experience moments of  happiness – just a lot less frequently.  

Attached is an excerpt from the “Happy Hour” – a class about Happiness.  You can listen to the entire first class by clicking on the link here on this site.  I hope you will join us Mondays at 5pm.  You can always call 801-262-0317 up updated recorded information.



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