Happiness: a Pop Quiz

Pop quiz for Happiness

Happy questionWhich of these things will make you happy long-term?

A. An end to the recession
B. Finding a job
C. Having a baby
D. Finding Mr. or Ms. Right
E. Winning the Lottery
F. All of the above
G. None of the above?

Don’t peek until you’ve chosen your answer.

The correct answer is none of the above. The rest of the answers are, what Happiness experts call a Happiness Boost – it will feel good for a while but it wears off and we return to our previous level of Happiness. Yes, even finding Mr. or Ms. Right does not guaranteee the Happily Ever After. It is, however, the longest-lasting Happiness Boost – approximately two years. Studies have shown that people are poor predictors of what will actually make them happy. This is the reason I am offering Happiness – a FREE class about Happiness every Tuesday at 7pm

If you would like to be happier, you are in luck! Happiness 201 is this Saturday. This is a crash course in Happiness. You will receive an assessment of your happiness (and if applicable your depression). We will discuss happiness blockers, happiness robbers and when it’s all over you will receive a PERSONALIZED plan for long-term Happiness. This four hour workshop is only $50!! .

Who: Frank Clayton – Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Happiness
Where: 220 East 3900 South #7
When: Saturday, September 12th. 10am – 3pm (with a one hour lunch)
Why: Because you want to be happier, don’t you?
What to bring: Pen, paper and a positive attitude
Yes, we do accept credit cards

Call 801-262-0317 for recorded information

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