Worry Efficiently

How to worry efficiently

WorriedIn addition to cultivating optimism and expressing gratitude, in this week’s Happiness 101 class, we will also discuss overthinking. There are several ways to stop worrying but one way to deal with is to give in to it and let yourself worry! I get strange looks when I teach this part of class. Yes, if you are a worrier and cannot seem to stop, worry but worry efficiently. You can dedicate a certain time of day just to worry. This is helpful in a number of ways 1) Your worrying is not clouding the rest of your day 2) You are not getting upset with yourself because you cannot seem to stop 3) You are worrying efficiently. Instead of worrying and getting no where, by sitting down and giving your concerns proper attention you can sort through your worries. Hours after the fact, the worry you wrote down to think about might seem silly and you can cast it away easily. Some worries are quite legitimate and merit further consideration. By giving it your concentration your time might be spent not only feeling what you really feel but give you the opportunity to problem solve and come to a solution or by employing the serenity prayer reach a point of letting go, knowing that worrying will not change the outcome. Of course if you reach no resolution – you can always worry about it again tomorrow.

If you care to join us, Happiness 101 will be held Tuesday night (9/22/09) at 7pm.
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